A studio for bespoke sound


What is an Elixir?
a substance held capable of changing base metals into gold, a substance held capable of prolonging life indefinitely, a Cure

What is the Studio Elixir?
A Studio for bespoke audio scopes for visual entities, mainly moving images. Elixir has a playful, laboratory character. It consists of essential elements but can be adapted through collaborators and new partners. We believe that sound is like a good cocktail: multi-layered, tailormade and full of emotion. It can be sassy with an edge of rigor or easygoing with a touch of zest; it tells tales of memories or takes you on an exciting new journey. But it always has a common denominator: experience. At Elixir we create nothing less than extraordinary sonic experiences that uplift any visual story; may it be film, motion graphics, animation or games. We use only the best ingredients to create bespoke sound design and music compositions that are memorable. So come in, take a seat and let yourself be immersed.

Creating a Branding Identity that represents the liquidity, playful and chemistry aspect of ELIXIR

Collaborator: Raya van der Kroon

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