Food Is

Food Is

Founder Liza Kelea:

Food encompasses any sustenance we take into our bodies — physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually. That is why I call this podcast, “FOOD IS.” Yes, food is nutrition, but also food is energy, food is therapy, food is love, food is story. Food is a metaphor for the intimate dance between ourselves and the universe.

In each episode, Nutritionist, Liza Kelea, speaks with one of our community‘s wayshowers — the teachers, healers, and activists — calling us deeper into our authenticity. As we reconnect to what truly nourishes us, we come to know, trust and embrace ourselves more fully.

The branding for the podcast Food Is reflects the united but individual journey each human has with food. The circle represents the wholeness food that every human needs to survive whereas the transformation towards the line and them starting to take a unique shape represents individual journeys. The logo can be used with the circles or with the line logo.

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