Open House Hackney

Open House Hackney

Client: Open House Hackney is a communal house just around the corner of Hackney Wick that can be hired for short term events, exhibits, workshops and parties. At its core stands creativity and community. 

Collaborator: Raya van der Kroon

Keywords in order of importance

The Logo evolved out of a combination of circular and rectangular shapes that represent the initials OHH (Open House Hackney). This stripped-back approach allows the architectural relevance to come through while leaving room for playfulness and community elements. 
The Logo separates into
1. Icon Logo
2. Branding Elements

The branding elements are the circle and two rectangular shapes representing the OHH initials. These allow versatility across touchpoints like social media or poster design. By combining these elements in new variations the branding keeps a playful character that caters to the multipurpose usage of the space.

The icon is a combination of these shapes that highlights the openness. Its compact shape allows it to sit comfortably in the digital environment. The central open shape can be kept empty, as well as filled with images of its artists and residents, thus physically and visually becoming part of the brand.

The colour palette is inspired by the building and its surroundings. Bricks, concrete, wood, the streets and the sky all played into the creation of a coherent palette that sits well with the context of the building. 

Grotesk - Mattone
for paragraphs, descriptions and secondary headlines
round shape that relates to the logo

Serif/Stencil/Hybrid - Eklektyk 
characterful/playful serif
Serifs mirror the icon logo in its dynamic of thick and thinness 

Photography of the spaces

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